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About Us

Executive Chef Zach Lutton began his culinary career with Chef Bruce Auden in the Biga on the Banks kitchen while attending college, and caught the cooking bug.  He later cooked for Central Market and worked under Chef Laurel Waters at the Laurel Tree before moving to New York to further his culinary education.  Upon graduation from the Culinary Institute of America in Hyde Park, New York, Chef Zach Lutton decided to move back home to San Antonio, Texas to be closer to friends and family. He worked as Sous Chef at the Dominion, then as an Executive Chef for Compass Group.   He noticed that there was a major shortage of healthy, delicious food in San Antonio, and that it was a difficult place to be health conscious.  He began cooking healthy meals, at first for himself, and then for friends and workout partners on weekends, receiving rave reviews along the way.  He was soon bombarded with requests from his friend’s relatives and acquaintances wanting him to cook for them.   After witnessing the physical transformation of several close friends, he and business partners, brother Vince and their mom Elaine, realized they could potentially give this city a great service.  By opening Zedric’s, they could provide a healthy, flavorful and convenient alternative to fast food while still retaining the bold, spicy flavors of south Texas. Vince Lutton has a degree in Computer Science, with a background in web development with Server Beach, and handles all of Zedric’s technology development.  Elaine has an entrepreneurial background, most recently in real estate investment and remodeling.  Growing up in a family laden with Physicians, all three owners had strong influences concerning wellness through healthy eating and exercise.   Welcome to Zedric's, where everything is fresh, healthy, and you never have to feel guilty about going gourmet!