I have to say that historically my diet consisted of Cocoa Krispies, Mac-n-cheese, spaghetti, popcorn and the like. I saw ads on the internet for Zedrics and thought that perhaps I could find a quick microwave meal. I saw lots of red peppers and veggies that I could not be bothered with. I mean who eats veggies for heavens sake. I took home a chicken entrée with what I thought was mashed potatoes. It turned out to be mashed cauliflower with turnips... I tried it and loved it. So I have been popping in and out of Zedrics ever since. You still could not pay me to eat a red, green,yellow or whatever color pepper and the thought of a Brussels sprout just makes me ill BUT.... I do fine good things to eat and like that it is on my way home. Shelley M Gimpel, RN
Shelley M Gimpel
There are so many wonderful things I can express about Zederic's. As a full-time mother, wife, teacher, and doctoral student, I am definitely a person who relies on convenience and affordability. I live in the area of the Zederic's at Colonnade location and passed by, many times. It wasn't until recently, I finally made my way into the store. I was amazed at the variety of food, the prices, and the dietary options that fit my nutrition goals. My family relies on me to prepare meals for the week which we incorporate into a specific, bodybuilding regiment. Zederic's allows me to reach my fitness goals, enjoy food I love, and stay within budget. I have shared Zederic's Facebook posts on my own Facebook page because I hear, all too often, it is too hard to lose weight, or too expensive. Many of my coworkers ask me what I am eating as I pull out my lunch in the teacher's lounge. The most common reaction is, "Wow! That looks so good!", followed by, "I didn't think you could eat food like that because you are so fit!". I explain to them all the reasons I buy from Zederic's and encourage them to try it for themselves. Just like me, I know they will not be disappointed!! Thanks for your food and extremely, helpful staff. Sincerely, Denise Smasal
Denise Smasal
I wanted to drop a note about how excited I am about finding Zedric's. I randomly came across your ad on my Facebook stream and decided to check it out. I was impressed with the variety - most places just give you healthy chicken varieties and not much more. I placed an order online and picked them up at your Colonnade store. Talk about floored! The food was fantastic, fresh and filling! I loved seeing the ingredients and calories right on the package. It truly helped me stay on track with my fitness goals. Admitting your locations are not near my home or work, I didn't have a chance to visit again. But now you made my dreams come true by offering free home delivery! I'm a customer for life!
Miriam Reyes
I ride my bike all over town....actually it's not a bike, it's an ElliptiGo. I love Zedric's because I can stop in for a quick snack, breakfast on the go OR I can take a pack full of meals home for the week. The people that work there are friendly--they even recognized me from the streets! I've directed clients to Zedrics, introducing new people to the products. When I travel for work I take Zedrics with me to ensure that I'm able to eat clean wherever and whenever I want to. I've even asked people to meet me there for lunch! Probably what makes Zedrics better for me than other pre-packaged meals is that it's LOCAL. The culinary team is always introducing new menu ideas. They are a talented bunch that makes it easy to choose Zedrics for lunch over any fast food or quick service restaurant. What more could you ask for if you want to stay healthy and know what's in your food. Keep up the good work!
Laurie Pomerantz
I have been eating Zedric's food since the first location opened, several years ago. My initial goal was to eat great tasting, healthy food without preservatives and additives. I am a single, working woman and don't have much fun cooking for myself all the time. Since I began, I have lost over 20 lbs. and all my yearly blood work has improved significantly. I have looked at other so called "healthy," prepared meals, but it takes me 10 minutes to read all the added preservatives and other unhealthy ingredients. I tell all my friends and co workers about the wonderful food at Zedrics. Thank you, Marie Simpson
Marie Simpson
Just wanted to say we have enjoyed eating at Zedric's. The food portions and combinations are well thought out and fresh. We like that we have the option to eat Zedric's on the go or sit-down and enjoy every tasty morsel. Thank you for offering an alternative to eating fast food!
Alana Forster
No-Brainer, Worry-free "Foodie" Meals Zedric's fits my busy foodie schedule with healthy, satisfying and fast meals between restaurant reviews. (It's a rough job, but somebody's gotta do it.) When I'm home and writing, I still crave delicious, upscale food and my Zedric's grab-n-go lunches do the trick. I love the truffle-infused quinoa, any cauliflower-based dishes, and that the enchiladas keep me out of my neighborhood taquerias! Great job, Team Zedric's. You know I love you guys! J.
Julia Rosenfeld
I began my Paleo journey March 2013, two months after I made the decision to stop smoking for good after 18 years. At first, it was a daunting task, I was overwhelmed by all the cookbooks, apps, blogs, Facebook pages, etc, and trying to come up with a shopping list or weekly menu--forget it! Along with taking on the task of changing my nutrition plan, I am also married with two children, who have not adopted my eating choice. Meal time is chaos, to say the least! One day, on my way to work, I passed by the Colonnade and saw the fancy orange lettering for Zedric's and decided why not stop in! I have been a loyal customer ever since! I love the seasonal chicken tortilla soup, the kale side salad, and I LOVE the muffins! I am slowly but surely trying more and more of the selections, but these are my staple favorites! Your Colonndae location is right by my work, so it is a no brianer to stop in and grab my lunch and a snack! You guys are great! Thank you for daring to be different and really making a difference in food! LOVE YOU GUYS!!!
My company sent Fit with Flavor food for weeks at a time to feed myself, husband and sister when my husband had a stroke. I would have expected to get really sick of it over that amount of time, although we were happy we didn’t have to cook as we were burning the candles on both ends with taking care of him and getting me to and from work every day. As it turned out, there were so many selections, that we almost never repeated in one week’s time. Also, my sister is quite a chef herself and although she was reticent to try them, she became a total convert after trying just one selection. I had never heard of such a service and now I can’t figure out why someone hasn’t done this before. It was nice to not have to worry about too much salt, fat or useless carbs which is what so many companies do when they’re trying to keep calories down. It was clear this was chef-prepared food, not fry-cook food. I hope this company succeeds and everyone finds out about them. I have already referred them to lots of folks, including a girl friend of mine who lives in Austin but her mom lives in Alamo Heights – she thinks this is the perfect solution for her mom who won’t cook for just one – this way she doesn’t have to!
Nancy Parker

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